About us

After more than 15 years of experience caring for your skin, we at Be Lovely have decided to develop our own line of extremely effective cosmetics. Thanks to our long-term cooperation with dermatologists, we have found out that one of the main cannabinoids - CBD or cannabidiol - shows an unprecedented therapeutic potential in solving a wide range of skin problems. For this reason, we have teamed up with product formulation experts from the International Center for Cannabis Therapy (ICCT). This partnership has resulted in the unique Be Lovely CBD product line.

ICCT is a joint project of businessmen and scientists founded to support Czech cannabinoid research, which began in the 1950s. The ICCT team of scientists has a unique knowledge and experience in the field of worldwide cannabinoid research and development.

Most existing CBD producers are simply adding CBD to common bases, oils or other liquids and try to get their products onto the market as quickly as possible and opportunistically make money from the burgeoning CBD market.

The ICCT team has a very different and unique formulation process. They work with world-class analytical chemists, allowing them to test different combinations and concentrations of cannabinoids and natural bioactive ingredients to maximize the desired effect. Then the most efficient transdermal delivery system will be selected to ensure optimal cannabinoid absorption in the body. Following this, it is imperative to prove product safety, perform stability tests and get acquire all necessary certifications of the final product.

“We were truly honoured that ICCT chose our Be Lovely salon as its partner for testing customer responses. Be Lovely and ICCT both emphasize the satisfaction of our clients together and the combination of their scientific background with our extensive practical experience takes the cooperation in the development of Be Lovely CBD products to a completely different level. With incredible passion and true passion, we want to bring you the best…”
 – Helena Lažanská, Be Lovely beauty salon



"ICCT is one of the most experienced scientific groups in the cannabis industry. We bring beautiful science to create beauty enhancing products to help brighten up your life. Our experts carefully develop each product to maximize the healing and rejuvenating effects of CBD. We then have them  tested for safety and go through the strictest cosmetic certification process to have European cosmetic registration.

The science behind CBD can unlock fresh, beautiful smiles while also promoting health and wellbeing. We never stop our research and development so you can be confident that these are the safest, most effective CBD skin care products on the market. We bring out the best from nature so your beauty can shine.

Be lovely with CBD"

 – Associate Professor Ing. Petr Kaštánek PhD